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Mango Pickles

ZeroPlus Pickle at this shop do not use any chemical preservatives- Sodium Benzoate, or any acids, use no artificial colours, still, these pickles can last for years
One may ask, how can mango pickles last for years without using preservatives when all Pickles in the market are heavily acidifies!
The answer- did our Mothers, Grandmothers, know of Sodium Benzoates, other acids?

ZeroPlus Mango Pickling Process & Ingredients

  • Stage 1– Sourced directly from Mango orchards, plucked using traditional bamboo sticks with Jute-rope made trappers,
  • Stage 2– Once at home, Mangoes are washed with RO water, left to dry for an hour,
  • Stage 3– Cut into pieces [smallest in four, bigger, in eight pieces,
  • Stage 4– Bit dried, cut Mango pieces are marinated with Waigaon Turmeric, TATA Salt, sealed tightly in food grade containers, left to ferment for around 84 hours, 4th day morning, Mango pieces are taken out-fifty Kg, Mangoe pieces discard around Ten litters of water,
  • Stage 5– Fermented Mango pieces that have lost most of the water content, are once again left to dry for at least five hours on the rooftop,
  • Stage 6-The same evening, dried Mango pieces are marinated with spices that are flavoured with Mustard Oil, left in containers for a minimum of three Weeks,
  • Stage 7-At the end of three weeks- first stage of maturation, Mustard oil is heated, left to cools down for about three hours, top grade powdered Hing sprinkled over Oil,
  • Stage 8– Heated oil cools down to room temperature in about eight hours, poured in containers that have spiced Mango pieces,
  • Stage 9– After undergoing maturation process for about 90 days, pickled containers are shipped to Bangalore for bottling,
  • Due to multiple stages of drying, fermentation, drying, cut Mango pieces thrust aside most of their moister, eliminating chances of Bacteria developing,
  • Still, some moister may remain in Mango pieces, the same is absorbed by Salt- Salt, by nature, attracts moister,
  • Because pickles are dipped in Mustard Oil, Oxygen can’t pass through, thus, eliminating any possibility of Bacteria developing, this Pickle can last for years.
Please note, we say-“Do not Refrigerate ZeroPlus Mango Pickles”.